Many thanks to all those who participated and supported in the first ever

Festival of New Trumpet Music Canada

Stay tuned, the 2015 program is on the way!




Sunday, March 16, ”Trumpet Generations”
(Doors open at 8, Music starts at 830pm)
185 avenue Van Horne
(for venue info contact


Teachers: Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to study with Laurie, but I did study with Jon McNeil who is a long time friend and colleague of hers.  He would sometimes mention her and her pedagogy.  My other trumpet teachers include Lou Ranger during my time at UVIC and Miles Newman from Saskatchewan before that.  More recently I studied with Anthony Coleman, Joe Morris, and several other NEC faculty during my time in Boston.


Influences: Greg Kelley, Nate Wooley, Peter Evans, Axel Doerner, Don Cherry, Kevin Drumm, Merzbow, Morton Feldman, …I think this list might get long now that I’ve exited from trumpet players so I’ll stop there.


Current Projects: I’ve been on tour in the States for a few weeks now playing with several different people and I’m leaving on another mini Canadian tour right after the CFONT festival.  These dates have all been free improv.  When I’m finally at home for awhile in April I’m going to spend some time writing for a group of Boston musicians I’m bringing up to Montreal for a recording session in May.  I also have a collaborative project with electro acoustic artists Max Alexander and Eric Powell that I’m hoping to spend more time on when I get back to Montreal.


On the Side/Hobbies: I have an 11 month old son, so most hobbies these days are baby related ones.  We like to spend time in the parks in Montreal, which when the weather is nice are really beautiful and lively with people.


I knew I wanted to play the trumpet when:  My older brother plays the trumpet and my father used to.  I think when I was little I just wanted to be able to do what they did so I started playing it pretty early in my life.  I always liked playing it when I was younger…I think me and the trumpet argue with each other more these days then we did then.
Performance Highlight: It’s hard to pick just one, so many gigs are rewarding but unique.  A recent highlight was playing at a house show in Boston with guitarist Chris Cretella.  We played right after Joe Morris and Patrick Kuehn.  Was one of those nights that the music just seems to go all the right places without you having to force it anywhere, and the audience was really listening and got that it was good.  It’s really a great feeling when the whole experience of the performance is good and not just some elements of it.


Dream Band: hmmmmm, thats a tough one!  I’m tempted to put people from radically different genres or times together but who knows if that would make a fruitful venture so…….I’m going to leave this one alone!


Fun Fact: I used to be really into juggling.  I was once Ben Mulroney’s stunt double on a Canadian TV show called “Corner Gas”.  If you ever see Ben juggling torches while riding a unicycle…


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Friday, March 14 ”Trumpet Cultures”
(Doors open at 830, Music starts at 9pm)
Cafe Resonance 5175a avenue. du parc

Lina Allemano - Toronto: Lina Allemano trumpet, Brody West alto saxophone, Andrew Downing bass, Nick Fraser drums 

Teachers: Axel Dörner (Berlin), Laurie Frink (New York City), Kevin Turcotte
(Toronto), Bill Dimmer (Edmonton)

Current Projects: What are you working on? Arrangements, techniques
you’re practicing, other projects

As a leader, I have two active groups: my longtime project Lina Allemano Four, and my new group Titanium Riot.  I’ve just written new music for Lina Allemano Four that we’ll be playing in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and during our upcoming Europe tour in April. We’re hoping to record our 5th album later this year. Titanium Riot is just working on putting out our first album in the fall. I also play in various other creative projects as a side person as well as play a lot of improvised music.  I’m particularly looking forward to collaborating with some great European improvisers, Achim Kaufmann and Christian Weber, in Germany and Austria at the end of March. Trumpet-wise, I’m currently honing my circular breathing as well as other extended techniques that I’ve been checking out recently, and I’ve also been attempting to make my own mutes.

I knew I wanted to be play trumpet when…
I noticed it only had 3 buttons.  How hard could it be?

Dream Band: My long-time project, Lina Allemano Four.  8 years going and still
full of surprises!

Did you know? I have a balloon phobia.



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Friday, March 14 ”Trumpet Cultures” (Doors open at 830, Music starts at 9pm) Cafe Resonance 5175a avenue. du parc Bill Mahar Quintet (Montreal): Bill Mahar trumpet, Jennifer Bell alto/soprano saxophone, John Sadowy piano, Clinton Ryder bass, Michel Berthiaume drums. Teachers: Some of my favorite teachers over the years have been: (McGill) – Kevin Dean, Jim [...]

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Arts for Art: Roy Campbell Day Memorial at Roulette

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Wednesday February 26th, 2014 Roy Campbell Day Memorial at Roulette 6:45PM – 7:00PM - Slide Show:  The Music of Roy Campbell 7:00PM – 7:15PM - Intro Speak:  Valerie Morris – sister of Roy Campbell will make the opening talk 7:15PM – 7:30PM - Opening song – Prayer Fay Victor – voice, Charles Downs – drums, Andy Bemkey – piano, William Parker – bass, composition [...]

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New Music for Trumpet and Shakuhachi

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Sunday, February 23, at 3:00 pm The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art, 338 Lighthouse Avenue, Staten Island  In this intimate concert, Aaron Shragge premieres new works for the Shakuhachi flute as well as the Dragon Mouth Trumpet. He has performed solo trumpet/shakuhachi in many different settings including hospitals, schools, museums and meditation centers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Drawing from the Zen music [...]

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Festival of New Trumpet Music in Canada!!

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Festival of New Trumpet Music Canada Montreal, Québec click here for full schedule! March 13 & 14, Cafe Resonance – Billets/Tickets March 15 & 16, 185 Van Horne – Billets/Tickets    

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